Systems Thinking, Systems Design – Day 4 – VSM & Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems

This week, the presentation topics focused on Viable Systems Models and Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems. Out of the two, I found Resilience in Social-Ecological System, as a systems thinking model, much easier to grasp. First, the interactive presentation style complemented this particular system really well by its ability to illustrate the various direct and indirect… Read More

Systems Thinking, Systems Design – Day 3 – Interactive Planning & Soft Systems Methodology

This week there were two presentations. The first was Idealized Design, which I was a part of and the second was soft systems methodology. I will begin with Idealized Design and then move on to Soft Systems Methodology. After spending a number of days familiarizing myself with the various articles I understand Idealization, Idealized Design,… Read More

Systems Thinking, Systems Design – Day 2 – Dialogue Mapping & Object Process Methodology

This weeks class was different from last weeks for some obvious and not so obvious reasons. First and foremost the lecture style was obviously very different from what many of us are accustom to. At first, I was very skeptical about an approach that would turn students into lecturers, even more so considering that many… Read More